Company Profile

THE Mining Pty Ltd is a Civil and Mining Contracting Company with the capability to service all areas across Australia.

Established in 1995, THE Mining Pty Ltd has built a reputation for quality service delivery, in urban-rural and remote locations.

THE Mining has a proven track record of successful project delivery, on time and within budget to client and consultant satisfaction.



Workplace Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

THE Mining Pty Ltd implements a certified Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) management system, and pride itself on best practise and full compliance with all legislative and regulatory requirements.

THE Mining achieved external certification against the current quality, safety and environmental standards in 2011 and continues to maintain certification against the current International Standards, including ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environmental) and ISO 45001 (Safety).

THE Mining pride themselves of providing a risk management process for all projects with a focus on ensuring the safety of its people, the client and plant and equipment across all sites.


Our Fleet

THE Mining has a large range of plant available, including Graders, Rollers, Excavators, Side Tippers, Stabilisers, Spreaders and water trucks.

We have a Pavement Stabilisation Division which provides Rehabilitation and Maintenance Solutions for Clients that are cost-effective and extends the life of pavements. This division currently operates in all States with
– 10 x Caterpillar RM500, 2x Wirtgen WR2400 and 2 x Wirtgen WR240 Reclaimers and 4 x Stoltz Spreader Trucks
WR240 Reclaimers and 4 x Stoltz Spreader Trucks. 

This division currently operates in all States with 8 x Caterpillar RM500, 1 x Wirtgen Wr2400, 1 x Wirtgen 
WR240 Reclaimers and 4 x Stoltz Spreader Trucks. 



We are accredited by:

Auststab, Arrb, Localbuy, Local Government – The Pavement Recycling and Stabilisation Association of Australia and  CAL Accredited.